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Custom Gunstocks and Fitting in Omaha, Nebraska



Midwest Gunstocks is owned and operated by Stephen J. Reynolds of Omaha, NE. Midwest Gunstocks specializes in custom gunstocks, custom fitting, repairs, cut downs,
and add-ons. Stephen's custom built gunstocks and forearms have been shipped all over the country and his customers testify to improved accuracy, less fatigue, and more comfort. You can count on Stephen to make the best possible gunstock to fit you personally.

Custom Designed For The Individual

adjustable butt - custom gunstocks in Omaha, NE
chokes - custom gunstocks in Omaha, NE
skb guns - custom gunstocks in Omaha, NE
Custom Comb and Adjustable Butt Plate
Wide Variety of Wood Options
Complete Gun Refurbishing

The Perfect Fit Allows For An Accurate Hit ​

We are now a full line dealer for SKB Shotguns!!​​



beth - custom gunstocks in Omaha, NE
"I started shooting competive trap in 6thgrade. My scores were lousy; 10-12 out of 25. I worked with coaches and my dad , the gun just did not fit right. After a year of struggling we were introduced to Mr. Reynolds. He explained what needed to be done to the gun. We started by changing a few things, and then finally decided to have a new custom stock built for my field grade Browning Citoria. Mr. Reynoldstook measurements and went to work on the solid piece of wood. We had several fittings to ensure the stock was fitting correctly. WOW after a lot of hard work and the custom stock I've become one of Nebraska's topranked junior shooters. I would recommend Mr. Reynolds to anyone wanting a good fitting custom made stock. Mr. Reynolds is very easy to work with and he takes pride in his craftsmanship. He bends over backwards to ensure the stock works not just well, but wins for you."
- Elizabeth B.
guy holding gun - custom gunstocks in Omaha, NE
"I had Stephen build me a complete stock and forearm for one of my guns. It was built from a stock blank to a finished product. The work he did was top notch from the fitting to the final finished product.The checkering and the finish are second to none.I shoot this gun for doubles and have seen my average increase considerably The stock fits me good and there is no question that the good fit has reduced recoil for me."
- Dave
"Dear Stephen,
I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work and patience on my new custom stock.The workmanship and attention to detail is impeccable. From start to finish you made time for me, which I have found, is an industry rare. It wasn't about just another stock, it was about the fit, feel and the higher scores.You worked with me every step of the way; from long nights in the shop to long days at the range to make sure that we had the final product right. Since we used the original forearm I was worried about if the new stock would match, but it turned out perfect. So far my doubles have improved by 2 targets bring my average of my last 900 targets to 95.My highest average to date, and will get better I am sure. Thanks to your passion and knowledge of wood working and sculpting you have created for me a stock that fits like a glove. You had always told me that a gun stock should fit like a good pair of shoes. When your shoes fit, you can walk miles. Well I have put long days in at the range with the new stock and I could shoot it all day and not get worn out by recoil. The personal touch you put on every gun is wonderful as well. When you surprised me with the insignia you put on the bottom of the pistol grip, it really made my day. You are a master of your craft and I look forward to working with you in the future on all my gun stock needs. I would recommend you to anyone and everyone! Look out other companies there is a new man on the block in the world of custom stocks!"
- J.D. Squir

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